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Life is short. Get what you want.

ThirtyTenZero is a human-centered guidance system, powered by one’s ability to increase their energy, clarity, and courage.
⁨Catalonia⁩, ⁨Spain⁩ (elev. 42 Ft.) - April 2017

⁨Mark in Catalonia⁩, ⁨Spain⁩ (elev. 42 Ft.) - April 2017

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Time is our greatest resource. 

Every human gets hit with the realization that life is really short.

When was the last time this happened and did you hear that voice of "ENOUGH" pushing you to take action?

We are creatures with a natural yearning to grow, and yet, we all face the same challenges.

We are all governed by a powerful mind aiming to ensure our "safety," promote survival, and shield us from discomfort.

Today, as our attention economy escalates, the brightest continue to develop more ways to capitalize on our dopamine addiction.

It's hard not to lose ourselves.

ThirtyTenZero is a human-centered framework designed to provide individuals with navigational control over their own lives, akin to having a personal cockpit.

Hi. I’m Dan, the creator of ThirtyTenZero. 

Growing up with a stutter, I learned early how people use a scarcity mindset to keep them from doing what's difficult.

Determined since age 6, I’ve been exploring what ignites people to take action, shift and achieve lasting change.

ThirtyTenZero is the framework and system that emerged.

I'm humbled and excited to hear how people continue to use these concepts to strengthen, grow and achieve. 

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Start on the inside by learning how to increase your energy, clarity and courage.

With your increased awareness and strength, you define your target, focus, and weekly actions for what you really want.

This clarity gives you the ability to create a measurable weekly action system that ignites you to do the actions needed to hit your target.

You leave with a reusable, practical and measurable framework to tackle anything.

A Guidance System for People

ThirtyTenZero System - Visual_edited.jpg

Awareness Training

🚜 Energy Farming

Control the energy you engage life with

🧠 StoryWatch

Capture your mind's stories driving your actions

💪 CourageMuscle 

Act with greater intention


Customize your System

🎯 Define your Target

Know what life looks like when hitting your target

🧭 Strategize your Focus

Be intentional about where to invest bandwidth

📍 Map your Actions

A weekly tracker guides your growth 

Take Action 


Often used to quickly unblock challenges and refine targets.


  • 30 min prep call per session 

  • Customized guided questions

  • 120 min interactive session

  • In-person (NYC) or online

  • 30 min follow up

$699 per session


Guided through creating and using the ThirtyTenZero system

  • Three month engagement

  • Four 45min sessions per month

  • Unlimited text interactions

  • Lifetime access to ThirtyTenZero Templates 

  • In-person (NYC) or online



Used in organizations to support individuals, align teams and strengthen the overall culture of achieving from the inside-out. 


Workshop for groups of 5+

  • Topics:

    • Energy Farming 

    • StoryWatch 

    • Courage Muscle


"...ThirtyTenZero ranges from the practical to the magical and everywhere in between which I honestly I didn't expect... I'm like, okay, so you can easily see the stories or certain beliefs that are not necessarily helpful and then clarity shines... you see what is the best way for me to get to where I'm going."

Liza C. and Kia W. - Musicians - SUSU

Independence Pass, Colorado (elev. 12,095 Ft.) - August 2018

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