Life is Short! Get what you want.

ThirtyTenZero is a practical framework to tap your inner power, define your current target, and develop a measurable game plan to hit it.

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Time is your greatest commodity

If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Is this it?"


Welcome. You're in the right place. 

You want more in life. 

But what is that really, and how do you go after it? 

That's what ThirtyTenZero will help you discover.

Hi. I'm Dan, the creator of ThirtyTenZero. 

From a young age, I was aware of the stories our minds create to keep us safe and alive. 

I also realized how they stand in our way.

Here's a brief video about StoryWatch and the ThirtyTenZero system. 


I use this daily to keep me out of my own way and on the rails of measurable thriving. 


We start on the inside by growing your courage muscle.


You'll uncover the stories that keep you "safe" and stuck. Then you'll learn how to "own" them. 

From there, you'll define what it is you really want and, in turn, access your inner power to go after it. 

You'll walk away with a practical and measurable plan for tackling anything.

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ThirtyTenZero is more than a productivity system

Courage Muscle Training

Learn to control your stories driving all your (in)actions. Leave with a daily plan to achieve consistent clarity to define and get what you really want. 


Customize your System
& Dashboard 

Customize your ThirtyTenZero system by defining your target, focus and daily Actions - providing a weekly score to show you how well you’re doing.

Independence Pass, Colorado (elev. 12,095 Ft.) - August 2018

What people are saying about ThirtyTenZero:


“I wasn’t sure what to do but knew I needed some help moving forward.”

Uri S. -  ThirtyTenZero


“The process worked inside-out and kept me in the driver's seat.”  

Uri S. - ThirtyTenZero


“Since going through ThirtyTenZero - without exaggeration, my being is different - at home and at work.”

Uri S. - ThirtyTenZero

ThirtyTenZero is used by:

Entrepreneurs wanting to move their ventures forward with stretched bandwidth.

Executives needing to tap the intrinsic motivation of their teams.

Educators (our warriors) looking for consistent clarity to keep their fires lit.

Creatives looking for a weekly structure to fuel their craft and hit their target.

All hungry individuals wanting to clarify what they want and create a path to achieve it. 


How often do I use ThirtyTenZero?

Once set up, ThirtyTenZero is your guide, your place to manage your stories and what keeps you moving towards your target. The more you use it, the more you’ll achieve. I use it daily to keep me out of my own way and thriving.

What if I don't know what I really want?

Most of us don’t and that’s why ThirtyTenZero starts with StoryWatch. You’ll learn to capture and control the stories in your mind (limiting beliefs) that keep you in the dark about what you really want. Give it your all and the clarity you need to identify your target will emerge.

I already have a coach, isn't this overkill?

Many coaches use the ThirtyTenZero framework for themselves. This isn't only a model for how to structure one's target, focus and actions, but a quick framework to problem solve anything involving humans.

Do I speak to real people, or is ThirtyTenZero only technology and a digital learning course?

The ThirtyTenZero experience is broken down into learning, creating and using. During the learning and creating phases you have the option to follow the prerecorded course or to engage in a live learning experience. During the using phase, you can purchase the time of TTZ Mechanics trained to support anything ThirtyTenZero.