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ThirtyTenZero is a practical framework designed to tap your inner power, refine your current target, and customize a measurable game plan for how to hit it. When used, it stops you from going backwards. 

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Is ThirtyTenZero for you?

ThirtyTenZero is a life operating system designed to be used again and again. The experience starts with StoryWatch Training, giving you a budding superpower to quickly access clarity in the face of anything. Then, 1:1 sessions with your ThirtyTenZero trainer, supporting you in the process of learning, creating, and using your ThirtyTenZero system.


StoryWatch Training

Learn to control your stories driving all your (in)actions. Leave with a daily plan to achieve consistent clarity with easy-to-win-actions - measured weekly.


Framework Training 

Customize your TTZ Framework by defining your Target, Focus and daily Actions - yielding a weekly score to measure how well you’re doing.


ThirtyTenZero Mechanics

Connect with ThirtyTenZero experts who we call TTZ Mechanics, where you will tinker and tighten your framework, whenever needed.

Independence Pass, Colorado (elev. 12,095 Ft.) - August 2018

People using ThirtyTenZero

  • Individuals needing to refine their target and create a path to achieve it.

  • Entrepreneurs needing to move their venture forward with stretched bandwidth.

  • Executives needing to tap the intrinsic motivation of their teams.

  • Career Changers experiencing or anticipating a change in jobs, looking to create a new path.

  • Educators (our warriors) looking for consistent clarity and to keep their fires lit.

  • Creatives looking for a weekly structure to fuel their craft and hit their target.

What people are saying about ThirtyTenZero:


“I wasn’t sure what to do but knew I needed some help moving forward.”

Uri S. -  ThirtyTenZero


“The process worked inside-out and kept me in the driver's seat.”  

Uri S. - ThirtyTenZero


“Since going through ThirtyTenZero - without exaggeration, my being is different - at home and at work.”

Uri S. - ThirtyTenZero

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