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ThirtyTenZero is a practical framework designed to tap your inner power, refine your current target, and customize a measurable game plan for how to hit it. When used it stops you from going backwards. 
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⁨Catalonia⁩, ⁨Spain⁩ (elev. 42 Ft.) - April 2017

ThirtyTenZero is used by the following: 

  1. Individuals needing to refine their target and create a path to achieve it.
  2. Entrepreneurs needing to move their venture forward with stretched bandwidth. 
  3. Executives needing to tap the intrinsic motivation of their teams.
  4. Educators (our warriors) looking for consistent clarity and to keep their fires lit.
  5. Creatives looking for a weekly structure to fuel their craft and hit their target.

Are you ready for ThirtyTenZero?

Decide if you're ready to take action, face some fears and shift your norms. 
Step One
Sign up for a StoryWatch Training. The stories in our mind are what make or break all of our success. StoryWatch is your weapon to control the stories driving your (in)actions.
Step Two
Sign up to customize your ThirtyTenZero framework by defining your Target, Areas of Focus, and your easy-to-win Daily Actions.

You are guided daily and success is measured weekly.


  • StoryWatch is your weapon

  • ThirtyTenZero is the guide

  • You're the hero!

TTZ's technology and mechanics lend support as needed.

Independence Pass, Colorado (elev. 12,095 Ft.) - August 2018

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