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Life is short. Get what you want.

ThirtyTenZero is a guidance system for humans to define their target, focus, and actions for what they really want and then harness their inner fire into the metrics that will guide and motivate them to achieve.

⁨Catalonia⁩, ⁨Spain⁩ (elev. 42 Ft.) - April 2017

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Greatest Commodity: Time + Bandwidth

At some point, being human is difficult for everyone.


When was the last time you caught yourself thinking, "There has to be more"?

All of us are the same. 


We are creatures with a constant yearning to grow. 


What's complicated is that we also have a mind whose sole purpose is to keep us safe, surviving, and away from what is difficult. 

To make matters more chaotic is that we are also living in an attention economy where the "smartest" are creating new ways to suck our focus.

It is hard not to lose ourselves.

ThirtyTenZero aims to hone our self-awareness, to keep us out of our own way, attached to our purpose and secured to rails of continued growth - no matter what life brings. 

Hi. I’m Dan, the creator of ThirtyTenZero. 


Growing up with a stutter, I was aware of how our minds create stories to keep us “safe” and away from doing difficult things.

Determined, I’ve been exploring what ignites people to take action, shift and achieve lasting change.

ThirtyTenZero is the framework and system that emerged. 

People started asking for their own version and now you're on a website learning about ThirtyTenZero strategy sessions and workshops. 

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Everyone starts on the inside by learning how to harness their self-awareness to increase their energy⚡️, clarity 🧠 and courage 💪.
From there, you define your 30,000 ft. view of what it is you really want and, in turn, ignite your inner power to fuel you to get it. 

You'll learn the ultimate weapon of StoryWatch, which equips you with the ability to capture the stories keeping you "safe" and stuck - i.e. dancing with what's standing in your way
You'll walk away with a practical and measurable game plan to tackle anything you really want. 

ThirtyTenZero --> Human Guidance System

TTZ Framework Visual

Self-Awareness Training

⚡️🚜 Energy Farming

Control the energy you engage life with

🧠 StoryWatch

Capture your mind's stories driving your actions

💪 CourageMuscle 

Act with greater intention - Fear equals opportunity 


Customize your System

🎯 Define your Target 

Know what life looks like when hitting your target

🧭 Strategize your Focus

Be intentional about where to invest bandwidth

📍 Map your Actions

A weekly tracker guides your growth 

Engage ThirtyTenZero


  • One session

  • 120 mins per session

  • Customized to solve specific challenges

  • 30 min prep call

  • Customized guided questions

  • 2-hour interactive session to refine  target, focus and actions

  • In-person (NYC) or via screen share

  • $699


  • Four sessions per month

  • 45 mins per session

  • Lifetime access to all the ThirtyTenZero Templates

  • Unlimited text interactions per month

  • In-person (NYC) or via screen share

  • $1199 per month


  • Customized for your team or group (5+ people)

  • Always end with immediate and measurable impact

  • Workshops follows the:

  •  Learn→Create→Use methodology

  • Choose: 

    • Energy Farming ⚡️🚜​

    • StoryWatch 🧠

    • Courage Muscle💪

  • Reach out for Pricing

"...ThirtyTenZero ranges from the practical to the magical and everywhere in between which I honestly I didn't expect... I'm like, okay, so you can easily see the stories or certain beliefs that are not necessarily helpful and then clarity shines... you see what is the best way for me to get to where I'm going."

Liza C. and Kia W. - Musicians - SUSU

Independence Pass, Colorado (elev. 12,095 Ft.) - August 2018

Using ThirtyTenZero

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